Gothic Wedding Dresses

Are you searching for the perfect Gothic Wedding Dress? Finding a Gothic Wedding Dress to suit your budget as well as your taste could start here. Personally I love these flouncy and Victorian looking dresses and I am a sucker for velvet and satin too! I have looked for a selection of formal wedding and ball gowns that I like for this page and I hope you like them. I found it a little strange that they were advertised as prom dresses or vampire costumes, but I guess there is no getting away from the traditional taffeta in peach or white and Gothic Wedding Dresses are going to be pretty elusive, as is Wiccan wedding jewellery. Don’t let the tags put you off, take a look, maybe use the searches at the end to find Gothic Wedding dress suits or perhaps some Gothic or Steampunk Wedding gear for him too.

Efashion Women’s Formal Wedding Quinceanera Ball Gown Evening Dress L2002

Gothic Wedding Dress Image Courtesy of Amazon

This is a gorgeous gown, but only comes in small sizes. Merchant sizes may be non standard, so need to be checked carefully before ordering. It is when I look at beautiful gowns like this that I wish I was one of those tiny sylph like ladies who can get into any tiny bodice. The veil is organza and the closure for the dress is lacet and zipper. The skirt itself has cascading ruffles of organza and the bodice is decorated with appliques, lace and embroidery. There is no train and it it recommended to be worn with a full length petticoat. Dry clean only. Considering the tiny sizes, this dress would also be wonderful for young slim bridesmaids or even as a prom dress.

Kivary® Strapless A Line Pick Up Corset Gothic Wedding Dresses Black Lace Appliques

Be a Femme Fatale in this lovely red strapless gown. Perfect for any formal occasion, including your wedding. This is simply a beautiful gown which would be affordable either for bridesmaids or bride at a Gothic wedding. This gown would equally be suitable for a formal ball or prom. It comes in a full range of sizes so is ideal for the plus size bride. Fabric is satin, 100% Polyester, strapless. The skirt is an A line with an elegant court train. It has a lace up back which is rather sexy. As it can be custom made, you will need to measure yourself, keeping the tape loose to avoid an incorrect fit. The bodice has a built in bra which is boned and fully lined. A line pick up skirt with black lace appliques, elegant court train, lace up back. Available as a custom made dress or in standard size. Please find a soft tape to measure yourself and check size chart, keep tape loose when measuring, otherwise it will be too tight. Dry clean only.


Purple and Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

You might have considered having purple dresses for your Gothic wedding. Purple is probably my favourite colour and I have several long Renaissance style dresses in purple and black. Here are I few that I thought looked particularly lovely.

Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

The ultimate wedding outfit for the serious Gothic Princess out there is a black dress with ruffles, velvet, lace and embroidery. Dark, brooding and totally sexy. Here are a few I particularly liked.

Gothic and Steampunk Wedding Ideas for Men

Gothic Wedding Dresses on Amazon UK

Gothic and Steampunk suits and jackets for men on Amazon UK

Beautiful Butterfly Earrings

Butterflies are beautiful. Possibly the one insect everybody loves! In fact I doubt most people even think butterflies are insects – they are more like fairies or free spirits. If you are looking for a special gift for the lady in your life why not take a look at some pretty butterfly earrings?

Sterling silver and abalone butterfly earrings

Where to buy Beautiful Butterfly Earrings

Here you can shop for butterfly earrings. These pretty earrings make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Few things are more beautiful than a moth or butterfly and yet they are also so ephemeral living such a short time in their most beautiful form. Such a pretty present for girls of all ages, mums and daughters alike! This page I have put together showcases a selection of pretty butterfly earrings in the UK as well as the US. You can browse individually showcased butterfly earrings available in the USA, some of which will ship to the UK and worldwide too.

Designer Butterfly Earrings and Earring Sets in Enamel – Pretty and colourful butterfly earrings

Enamel gives the artist the opportunity to create lifelike markings. Here are just a few gorgeous examples of beautiful butterfly jewellery featuring enamel techniques.

Beautiful Butterfly Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

Some Pretty Butterfly Earrings are made with sparkly Swarovski crystals this gives them a mothlike appearance and they look very pretty and girlie.

Precious Butterfly Earrings in Precious Metals

14K Yellow Gold Butterfly with green Stained Glass Acrylic Wings – Leverback Earrings

So pretty and delicate. These butterflies are made of precious metals.

Delicate Butterfly Earrings with Gemstones

The delicate butterfly lends itself beautifully to gemstone jewellery with delicate colours. Amethyst and diamonds are my favourites. Although silver pave and abalone come close too. You can simply click on the images to see more details about these beautiful butterfly earrings.

Click here to see some of the best rated beautiful butterfly earrings on Amazon UK

I could go on forever looking at these lovely butterfly earrings and sharing my favourites but there are places to go, cats to feed and coffee to be drunk, so for now all I will say is that there is only one thing more beautiful than butterfly jewelry and that is the delicate and ephemeral insect itself. I hope you enjoyed window shopping with me today.

Gothic Skull Rings and Jewelry

Black Diamond and Gothic Skull Jewelry

Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Skull Pendant Necklace

This Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Skull Pendant Necklace is a great design It is interesting and is also very affordable. Anyone looking for something piratical would love this skull and crossbones pendant. The black and white diamonds give this gothic skull a luxury feel. Why not have some fun and cater to your inner Abby?

black diamond gothic skull pendant

Black Diamond Skull Rings, Jewelry and other Gothic and Pirate Skull Designer Jewelry

Black Diamond Skull rings and jewelry make a great Gothic fashion statement. Diamond skull and crossbones jewelry also has a Day of the Dead or even a Pirate vibe, so this jewelry is fun as well as fine. Some of this jewelry has an Aztec feel to it. I have showcased some of the best designs in skull jewelry that I could find and I hope you will explore these and other designer skull jewelry items. Whether you are looking for striking skull pendants to wear everyday, wonderful pirate treasure, Gothic wedding bands with a skull design for him and her or perhaps even the ultimate Tribal Biker ring, I hope you enjoy this page of skull jewelry.

Silver Diamond Gothic Skull Ring

Silver Diamond Gothic Skull Ring (0.11 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)

This is a wonderfully piratical Gothic skull and crossbones ring.
It is fun, affordable and has a quality feel to it!

Silver Diamond Skull Ring

Bling Jewelry Black Simulated Ruby CZ Eye Skull Cross Bones Stud Earrings Silver Plated

Silver tone metal on brass with black and red cubic zirconia. Post fitting stud type skull earrings.

Black Simulated Ruby CZ Eye Skull Cross Bones Stud Earrings

Green Death's Head Watch
Green Death's Head Watch by persimew
See other Green Watches at zazzle

gothic skull ring

Bling Jewelry Stainless Steel Mens Pirate Skull Pendant Removable Sword

This pendant does have a removable sword, but does not have a chain. A great fun item, but you will need to invest in a chain for your pirate skull necklace.

Bling Jewelry Stainless Steel Mens Angel Wing Heart Pirate Skull Pendant

Biker style skull pendant with red eyes and angel wings.

14k Gold The Pirate Captain’s Gothic Skull Ring – Pirate Jewelry

This 14k gold Pirate Captain’s Ring was certainly a hidden gem in the treasure chest. Could you see this on Johnny Depp’s finger? I can! It is a luxury designer Gothic skull ring which would go well with a Gothic or Tribal vibe as well as a pirate treasure one. The stone is an emerald coloured Cubic Zirconia.

Gold The Pirate Captain's Ring - Pirate Jewelry

Great Gothic Skull Earrings from the Amazon Curated Collection

Silver Black and White Diamond Skull Earrings (0.11 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)
These designer diamond skull earrings make a great gift for her. A fun design, which is fashionable and sophisticated, these great Gothic Black Diamond Skull Earrings are ideal for the vampire about town.

Skeleton Crew Print
Skeleton Crew Print by persimew
Make custom prints online at

Irish Skull with Freckles – Green Crystal Bicone Necklace

Could be the first thing a Goth turns to on St Patricks Day?

Luxury Borgioni Skull and Snake Necklace with Crossbones Bail Necklace

This goes beyond bling to the most treasured inner sanctum of the treasure chest. A beautiful luxury item just for the rich and famous wearer of biker jewelry.

luxury gothic skull pendant

I hope to have whetted your appetite for gothic skull rings and jewelry with this page but you can check these out for yourself too by following the links below:

Top Rated Men’s Gothic Skull RingsTop Rated Men's Gothic Skull Rings

Best Rated Women’s Gothic Skull RingsBest Rated Women's Gothic Skull Rings

Best Rated Men’s Gothic Skull Rings UKBest Rated Men's Gothic Skull Rings UK

Women’s Gothic Skull Ring UKWomen's Gothic Skull Ring UK

Love Frogs for Valentine’s Day

I hope you enjoyed the little interlude from Froglodite? She still lives in our own little pond which is headed to become A Rattling Bog once the new koi pond is finished. It will be first class accommodation too.

Webkinz Love Frogs

Have you seen webkinz love frogs? You have come to the right pond for these plush, cuddly amphibians! I love them! Webkinz plush frog toys are adorable. I was researching frog toys today and I came across these delightful and cute plush Love Frogs from the Webkinz Love Animals series and they brightened my day! Although not suitable for toddlers and babies Webkinz Love Frogs are cute gifts that can be treasured..
This page is nothing more nor less than a showcase of delightful Webkinz love frogs and colorful frog posters, cards and gifts. It is just pretty to look at, although these make super presents for a little girl who loves frogs. It could be a twist in the Frog Prince tale that would make an adorable Valentine gift for the one you love – and yes, dear, that COULD be a hint if you are reading this…

Webkinz Love Frog Limited Edition Release

A very good offer on this limited edition Love Frog which makes it an inexpensive Valentine treat.
Looking for a Froggy present?

I hope this Love Frog Valentine Mug is your cup of tea…

Frogs In Love Mugs
Frogs In Love Mugs by bonfirevalentines
Look at more Frog Mugs at zazzle

More Love Frogs for Frog Lovers – A few cute frogs for you to love and cherish
I found a few more adorable frogs to share with you today!

webkinz love frog webkinz tree frog webkinz bullfrog

Frog Love Poster
Frog Love Poster by thefunkhouse
Search for another posters online at Zazzle

Webkinz Love Monkey, Love Frog and Persian Cat
Webkinz Persian Cat – now you’re talking! The way to my heart? Easy enough to find with Webkinz toys, but what could be sweeter than a Love Frog AND a Persian Cat? This cute little frog obviously loves someone as much as I love my Persian cats…

Funny Valentine Cards: Frog Love
Funny Valentine Cards: Frog Love by nopolymon
Shop for Funny Cards online at

Webkinz Kinz Klips Valentine Love Frog
Sweet Valentines Gift for those who love frogs
Another sweet little Valentine’s trinket that will delight anyone looking for a Frog prince!
Oh my – and now we get to the adult cards – this is about as adult as we get anyway!

Webkinz Love Frog Kinz Klip for Back Pack
Ideal gift for school children
If your little girl has a back pack, you could brighten her day with this Love Frog Kinz Klip.
Just like a Kinz Klip, this little tree froggy is obviously stuck on you!

valentine frog card
valentine frog card by LaureFCarlisle
Find other Valentine Cards at

Webkinz Plush Pets – Search for different Webkinz Toys here

Did you know you can use this link to find anything you like on Amazon?

Explore all the Webkinz animals, narrow it down to your choice, (Persian Cats, Lions and Tigers for me of course) or even search for something completely different.

The choice is yours!

Webkinz Love Frog & Love Monkey & Love Lion 3 Piece Plush Set

A treat with Webkinz Love Frog & Love Monkey & Love Lion
Sweet and not too lovey – this set would be good for a little boy or little girl who likes jungle animals.
Alright, so this froggy valentine in a vintage style is somewhat girly, but I LIKE it!

Now that was sweet wasn’t it? But don’t forget…

To find true love you must first kiss a frog or two…

Nothing learned and grey from me this morning – just a little froggy love and a touch of humour. I hope you enjoyed the pretty frogs, perhaps you might even buy a Love Frog, but at least I hope it made you smile for a while.

Gargoyle Statues For Home and Garden

Best Gargoyle Statues For Home And Garden

Gargoyle statues are not just for Halloween!

Nor is it just for mediaeval cathedrals and churches. Gargoyle statues are really neat! The original and very sensible purpose of these grotesque gargoyle statues was to protect cathedral and church stonework by channelling water away from the building and gargoyle statues tickled the imagination of medieval craftsmen. Today Gargoyles are so easily available in cast stone and resin and make a great Gothic feature in modern homes and gardens.

One famous gargoyle statue actually features in this image – the Lincoln Imp. You see him sitting with the mediaeval masons on their tea break! He is actually an indoor gargoyle who inhabits the rafters of Lincoln Cathedral and I will share the legend later!

Lincoln Cathedral gargoyle statues Lincoln Imp

The History and Function of Gargoyles – What were Gargoyles really for?

Gargoyles weren’t just waterspouts, in an era when ordinary people were ruled by a privileged few and controlled by fear and the Church, they served also to remind people of the terrors of Hell. If you are interested in the history of gargoyles then this book might be of some use.

The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame: Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity – And here he is, our friend from Notre Dame, on the cover of this book!

Winged Cat Gargoyle Statue Figurine Myth Fantasy – I have a weakness for these winged cat statues – one lives in cat corner in our living room! This little guy is made of cold cast resin,and looks awesome on bookshelves, end tables and nightstands. He measures 6 1/4 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 5 inches deep

A Persian Glow Poster
A Persian Glow Poster by persimew
Make custom prints online at

Stone Gargoyle Statues for Your Garden!


To see more gargoyle statues for your garden you can follow these links:

Gargoyle Statues for Patio and Garden (USA)

Gargoyle Statues for Garden and Outdoors (UK)

Sands of time.. print
Sands of time.. print by SusieHawkins
Make custom prints online at

Little Stone Gargoyle Statues for Your Home

This novel timer is crafted in resin measures approximately 4.5 minutes – enough time for the average egg! Dimensions are (inches) L: 3.75 x W: 2.5 x H: 6.5

This gorgeous Ram Gargoyle is another resin miniature for the home. A must for gargoyle collectors!

Gargoyle statues were once sculpted on buildings to ward off evil spirits and bad luck – this crouching protector gargoyle is perfect for scaring away negative energy. Made of cold cast resin, 7 inches tall, 4 3/4 inches wide, and 4 inches deep.

Gargoyle Guardian Poster
Gargoyle Guardian Poster by ImagineThatDesign
See other Gargoyles Posters at zazzle

Hardly a gargoyle, but who could resist this little winged cat. Maybe more about those another day, but talking of cats it is about time I checked up on mine! Be back another day!

Hedgehog Jewelry Gifts for Hedgehog Lovers

Cute Cartoon Hedgehog Calendar
Cute Cartoon Hedgehog Calendar by persimew
Find more Hedgehogs Calendars at Zazzle

Gold and Silver Hedgehog Gifts for Hedgehog Lovers

Are you a hedgehog lover? Ifso, perhaps you are looking for gold and silver hedgehog jewelry gifts. It might be that you collect animal charms or that you just love these spiky little creatures, as I do. Well, here is a selection of some lovely little beasties I found today. Whilst the wild variety are out their making little ones before they are heading off into their hibernariums, these pretty jewelry hedgehogs can be seen all year round and make super gifts for teens and tweens or hedgehog fans.

Silver Hedgehog Jewelry Stud Earrings

For the girl who really loves hedgehogs!
Anyone who wears earrings and loves hedgehogs should take to these adorable hedgehog earrings. A super gift for a little girl


Silver Hedgehog Jewelry on Amazon – Amazon stocks some lovely hedgehog jewelry gifts!

These hedgehogs are all available in the USA, some may be available in the UK too.


Gold Hedgehog Pendants and Gold Hedgehog Charms

Gold coloured hedgehog jewelry and also real gold and gold plated hedgehogs.

Jolly Holly Christmas Prickles Card
Jolly Holly Christmas Prickles Card by persimew
Look at other Christmas Cards at


A beautiful hedgehog brooch:

A pretty Hedgehog necklace or two:


Hedgehog pandora charms:


A really classy gold hedgehog charm:

The cutest SilberDream Hedgehog Charm:

And for him? The cutest Hedgehog Cufflinks selection in the UK. A Hedgehog Cufflinks Selection for hedgehog lovers in the USA.

Last but not least, to see more cute hedgehog cards and gifts you can check out

Customized Handfasting Invitations

When planning your wedding or handfasting, you will want to choose appropriate invitations. I shall be brief here today! The beauty of Zazzle as a company is that these can easily be personalized. You don’t have to choose ordinary cards and write them out by hand. Today I am showing you just a few sample invitations from, but remember you can also use the same company to design your own!

Handfasting Custom Invite
Handfasting Custom Invite by Shadowmagi
Check out Wiccan Invitations online at zazzle
Handfasting Invite
Handfasting Invite by Shadowmagi
Shop for an announcement on zazzle

Tree of Life Jewelry

What a wonderful symbol of life! A powerful religious, spiritual and philosophical symbol to many, the tree is patient, still, strong and effectively eternal. There are trees older even than recorded history. A tree stands as a silent witness in the landscape to what has been and what will be. It is the nearest any living thing can be to eternal. The tree is friend and provides its shelter, its timber and its inspiration to us all. Its leaves, fruit and sap can often be used as food. A tree purifies the air we breathe, provides timber for homes, heat, and tools and produces and stores the Sun’s energy in its leaves and heartwood.

Tree of Life Rings

Here is a selection of Tree of Life rings that have great reviews. I hope you enjoy browsing through them!

Copper Tree of Life and Pentacle Rings designed for couples

Wiccan Green Man Jewelry Crafted in Bronze and Pewter

Here are some great Green Man pendants I saw recently on Amazon.

Pewter Celtic Greenman Pendant Necklace Green Man
Pewter Celtic Greenman Pendant Necklace Green Man
Pewter Celtic Greenman Pendant Necklace Green Man price

Bronze Green Man Greenman Pendant - Celtic Pagan God Jewelry By Oberon Zell
Bronze Green Man Greenman Pendant – Celtic Pagan God Jewelry By Oberon Zell
Bronze Green Man Greenman Pendant - Celtic Pagan God Jewelry By Oberon Zell price

Celtic Green Man for Growth, Pewter Pendant on Adjustable Corded Necklace
Celtic Green Man for Growth, Pewter Pendant on Adjustable Corded Necklace
Celtic Green Man for Growth, Pewter Pendant on Adjustable Corded Necklace price

Greenman Posters
Greenman Posters by briarmoon

And from Amazon UK:

Oberon Zell Bamberg Green Man PendantOberon Zell Bamberg Green Man PendantCHECK PRICE

Green Man PendantGreen Man PendantCHECK PRICE

Green Man Solid Pewter Pendant on Black Neck Cord. Gift Boxed.Green Man Solid Pewter Pendant on Black Neck Cord. Gift Boxed.CHECK PRICE

Pentacles, Pentagrams and Inverted Pentacles….

Learning about the meaning of pentagram, pentacle and inverted pentacle is complicated and some ideas are set forth briefly in this article about pentagram design jewelry. The ideas are not as synonymous with Wicca and paganism as you might think. These symbols have influences in several other world religions. Today, I wanted simply to present a few of the nicest pentagram and pentacle rings on for you to enjoy. Hopefully they will help you in your search for a special ring whether for handfasting or just for everyday wear.